We have wallpaper installation service by professional team for customers in Thailand only. We can help measuring the wall and calculating how many square meters of wallpaper should be required in prior to installation.

For customers outside Thailand, you can purchase Apercu wallpaper roll which is comprised of four precut wallpaper strips of 3 meters long and 0.5 meter wide (total dimension is 3 meters long x 2 meters wide which is equivalent to 6 sqm) and installing yourself or by professional service in your country by following our guideline below.



Prep the wall

Before hanging, check that the wall surface is clean, dry, and smooth. If your wall isn’t smooth, you’ll need to either size the wall or apply a wallpaper liner, which might require a primer layer as well. Please check wallpaper liner packaging instructions for details. Old wall coverings should be removed completely. Fill any holes, sand down bumps, and remove electrical coverings. Wallpaper primer is also recommended for better installation and easier removal.

Note: Do not apply to freshly painted walls (let paint dry for at least 4 weeks).


Prepare tools and supplies

Wallpaper paste
Measuring tape
Drop cloth
Sponge & bucket
Clean cloth
Level & straightedge
Craft knife with extra blades
Paint roller & tray
Smoothing tool
Step ladder (depending on the height of your wall)
Apron or clothing with pockets to keep small tools handy while you work


Prepare the wallpapers

Open the package to find the four precut wallpaper strips packed together, each measuring 3 meters long and 0.5 meter wide. Find the information on the back of each wallpaper strip for placing in the correct order strips A, B, C and D.


Mark your starting point

Our standard wallpaper rolls dimension is 3 meters long and 2 meters wide. Starting from the corner of the wall farthest away from an entry or line of sight, measure the width of the wallpaper minus one inch (to allow for trimming on the wall edge) and mark with a pencil. Using a level, draw a straight, vertical plumb line from the mark against which you can line up the edge of the wallpaper.


Apply the paste

Apply paste to your precut wallpaper strips by first rolling it onto the middle of the sheet then working it to the edges. All of the paper should be pasted evenly along the full length and width of the sheet.


Book the wallpaper

“Book” the strip by folding the top and bottom edges into the middle (pasted side to pasted side), making sure the side edges line up properly. Then roll up the folded wallpaper like a newspaper to ensure that the edges do not curl out and dry prematurely. It should remain like this for 5-7 minutes to allow the paste to absorb and the paper to expand and relax back to its new normal. This will also keep the seams from opening up and drying out while the paper is relaxing.


Position the first strip

Line up the first strip with the plumb line (from Step 4), allowing for an inch on both the top, bottom, and edge for trimming.


Apply and smooth the wallpaper

Use a wallpaper brush or smoothing tool to gently work the paper onto the wall, working from the top and middle, down and out.


Trim the edges

Using a straightedge and craft knife, carefully trim the edges. it is important to keep the blade edge very sharp to minimize any risk of tearing the paper.


Apply the remaining strips

Be sure to match the pattern on the wall at eye level and butt the seams tightly up against each other without overlapping them. Smooth out all air bubbles. Our wallpaper is washable you can wipe with warm water and a sponge, taking care to remove all the paste from the surface. Rinse thoroughly a second time with clean warm water.